Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm back and I'd like to tell you about the Four Love photography contest. I accept submissions starting in February 1, however you can get a headstart now by checking out this page here for more info.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Updates postponed!

Real life move this month. I will be back soon.

News: Our very own ColeMarie has released a new song with Obsidia

Friday, June 10, 2011

meow. spotlight - Boom part 2

This is part 2 of the previous Boom spotlight.
You can find Boom here.

This halter top is a new item, released today. Many colors are available. The sculpt comes in various sizes to fit the avatar. It is modify.

The texturing is really detailed and the sculpt fits nicely on my avatar with minimal positioning.
It's called *BOOM* Thrill Halter

These shoes are from Sin & Virtue. One of meow.'s very own bloggers, Colemarie conceived the idea to add heels to converse style sneakers. Object name is: [:S&V:] "Miss Soleil" Heel Sneakers

The top is called *BOOM* Surf Polo and the shorts are *BOOM* Feel Free Shorts which are a new release as well.

The verdict:

Boom's new and old items have some pretty impressive textures on them. A few things I'd like to note are the hand-drawn non-photosourced style which lends really well to Second Life avatars. The quality is apparent without looking like it was copied and pasted from a fashion magazine. The clothing in particular has some subtle highlights preventing any strange incongruities with where the sun is positioned.

The packaging for each item comes inside an adorable toy gun that automatically unpacks upon wearing without having to click on the package. This allows users to unpack in a non-rez area with minimal effort and time. However, because of the nature of the script, the script itself along with the animation come with the package, creating duplicates when unpacking multiple products from Boom. This is negligible.

If you have a female avatar, I suggest you go to Boom now and add these cute clothes to your wardrobe.

In conclusion, I'm giving Boom (and Sin&virtue):
Places used for photos:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

meow. spotlight - Boom part 1

Eln alter here.
This is going to be part one of a post featuring the catalog from Boom.

Boom @ meow.

Boom combines cute and sexy in a great way, utilizing bright colors without looking overblown or tacky. Have a look:

It's called *BOOM* Project Themeory Beach Bash

This bikini has fantastic colors and texturing. Not too saturated, and not too colorless either. Perfect for summer. It comes with the sculpted flower for hair which is nicely detailed and great for photos. Boom also has some similarly styled bikinis with different colors and floral designs.

Up next is a sailor outfit to follow the nautical theme of this post. I hope you enjoy the scenarios I've put together to fit the uniform:

The black and white cartoon really lends a classic feel doesn't it? But we don't get a good look at the clothing.

More tension and an up close view of the sailor uniform.
This outfit is called *BOOM* A Day on the Yacht

This outfit, like all products in Boom come in many colors. The hat and belt are purchasable only separately, though I feel that a pack containing an all inclusive set by color would help grease the product commercially.

The verdict:

It's nice to see a fashion designer in SL that isn't afraid to be cute and sexy without going overboard. It often seems like avatars will either become gratuitously scant of clothes or ultra-conservatives with 15 layers and vintage long dresses over jeans. This is a fantastic middle ground, yet still leaning towards sexy. Textures on the clothes are detailed and believable without exaggerated white highlights. One very important thing you should note: Darkly colored clothes in black, navy, or brown keep their detail making them believable and pleasant to look at.

Here is an example of dark clothing where detail lessened in the transfer of color to black, and how dull!:

I'm giving Boom's items in this post a:

Joyous Babushka
Learn more about our rating system here.

So far Boom seems to be a force of good in the metaverse. Check back soon to see a part 2 review!

The beach and ship settings were shot on the Retropolis sim. You can visit it here.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Meow. Style is open!

Eln Alter here. I'm reopening my store as meow. style.

I'll be making hair, clothes and whatever the hell I want for the next few months. Look forward to it.
Here are some items I'm opening with:

These are inside a 30L Gatcha with a 20% chance to grab a rare.
Next week that 20% chance is going down to 15%, so if you want a rare the best time to buy it is now.

If these animals don't do it for you, I'll be doing a monsters and microbes series. Also keep in mind I do customs.

Also going up is the meow. style hair from 50 of a kind. Those of you who bought it already from 50 of a Kind will receive a full colors fatpack as compensation(Apologies). Look for more colors in the future.

Friday, June 3, 2011

meow. spotlight - Tweedle

Eln Alter here.

Tweedle is an original store in meow. The store sells a lot of cute accessories, furniture and skyboxes.
The owner TommyTom Jun just released a skybox called [Midori.skybox]. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.
It's really warm and bright.
You can view the demo in world here.

The verdict:

This skybox is really cute and soft looking. It is fairly compact measuring 10x20 meters. For those of you with limited parcel space or enjoy simple things such as myself, this is a solid buy. The textures thoughtful and perfect for putting up your own decals. The light fixtures match the setting. The prim count is 77, which is a little high, but for those of you wanting to save prims, it is mod. The skybox will run you at 400L. The light colors and air conditioning is perfect for the coming Summer season.

I'm giving this skybox a:

Joyous Babushka

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ATTN : Please heed the following warning!!!!

Hey Ppls,

I just thought i should warn you all that if you sit in Meow shopping Sim for to long you may be over run by cute animals!!!

Ok ok let me explain what happened...

So it started like any other day, I got up brushed my teeth and hair and had breakfast. I than had a shower got dressed and decided to head out for the day, So off to Meow Sim me thinks for some light shopping.
I was enjoying the new spring air out and about in the meow Sim, when suddenly i felt a little sleepy. With the slight cool breeze and the sun shining on me happily, i thought to myself what a perfect day it was and decided to lay myself down on the nice lush grass of the meow garden square.

As i lay there i started to doze off and thats where our story takes a turn for the horridly cute. I woke with a gasp as i felt a small gooey tentacle slap my face and a small voice saying " Hello there miss, it sure is a nice day.... my name is Jerry. and those two down there are Bert and Boris". As i looked down to where the octopus on my head was pointing one of his tiny tentacles i noticed my hands had turned into whales, orcha to be exact. And apparently they had names.

Now this might seem strange and the fact that this hadn't surprised me might be a shock for some of you but if you stick round Meow Sim long enough, you will come to find you to will have random cute adventures and maybe even take a few new friends home with you like i did. There is much to do and see and even some hidden areas to explore so until next time you have been warned : "BEWARE!!! The cute creatures that dwell in Meow, They could be found in many shops and are waiting and watching for you."

Behold Only some of the creatures to be seen at Meow:

(Taken at Meow Sim)

Worn Here:

Found in Meow Sim -

Hat: rbcg. - Octopussay - blue - (Comes in large and small but also comes in 6 colours including Blue, Gray, Green, Pink, Purple, Red. So cute you will have to give them a name! Other great items here.)

Gloves: Intrigue Co. - Orca Gloves - (Comes with male and female versions. Great shop for the weird and wonderful.) NEW!!!


Skin: [PF] / Pink Fuel - Ember - <Milk> - Beestung - Blushy /ltbrow/freck - (Has a few different tones available and options with Dk brows/Lt brows/Red brows, Blushy abd also W/freckles or Without.)

Necklace: {mon tissu} - Take Flight Necklace - Gold - (5 different colours available and comes with a nice shadow affect behind the pendent.)

Dress/Shirt: Tiny Bird - The morning after dress - Red - (Many other colours available and comes with the belt that is colour change.) NEW!!!

Ok all thats bout it for now... enjoy. Til my next venture in Meow Sim much love.

XOXO Shiny Bubble